Arrival & Airport pickup

Study in Ukraine limited takes care of all possible concerns, which foreign applicant may face to during the process of admission. On top of everything else, we always pick up students at the airport and provide transportation to the university.

All you need is to contact us by email or WhatsApp in advance, and inform us about details of your flight. We will arrange for you to be met in arrivals by one of our representatives. In case if our representative person is not informed about the arrival time and couldn’t meet the student to prove his/her identity, the student will be deported back to the homeland. So once you’ve got your flight reservation, please send us the scan copy of the ticket.

It is advisable to book flights in advance, because the beginning of the academic year is a busy time to travel to Ukraine.

Get Ready for Your Trip

Planning a trip to another country, make sure you are well prepared for your journey. First of all, you should not forget to take with you any necessary document. Here is a list of all required documents:

  • Passport with an open visa
  • Flight tickets (save until the end of the trip)
  • Medical insurance
  • The Letter of Invitation from the educational institution
  • All educational documents (legalized by the Ukrainian embassy)

+ copies of all documents

+ the contact of the Study in Ukraine limited representative

Besides all required documents, it is also recommended take with you a minimum set of medicines, only those, which you have already taken and you have no contraindications or allergies to (do not take new and unfamiliar medicines with you). It may be antipyretic drugs, remedies for a sore throat, runny nose, painkillers, antihistamines, medicines for nausea and abdominal pain, antiseptics, cotton, bandage.

It is also important to learn about the environment of the country you are going to visit (climate, standards of behavior in public places, requirements for appearance, food, and work schedule of different organizations and institutions).

Arrival at the airport

You should arrive at the airport for check-in for international flights no later than 3 hours before departure, for domestic flights – 1 hour before. Check-in ends 40 minutes before departure.

When packing your bags for the trip, please note that many things may be prohibited for air transportation, and there are special rules for hand luggage that you should specify in advance with the airline.

Arrival Rules

When passing through passport control, you should calmly and politely answer all the questions asked by the officer (the purpose of your visit). When passing through passport control, you should have a passport, the Letter of Invitation from the university, medical insurance and return tickets (passport control officer may request them).

Admission process


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