Outside Campus Accommodation

Our universities provide comfortable accommodation on their campus for all foreign citizens. However, you might want to consider living in a flat. All our students are free to decide where they would be more comfortable to live – on campus or off campus.

Before making your housing choice, please consider some pros and cons of each option:



Utilities Included. Unlike apartments, the Internet, water, and electricity is typically free in a dorm. Some universities may charge a small connection fee for Internet, but it’s not nearly as expensive as the monthly fees you would pay in a flat.

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Campus Access. Students who live in dormitories are usually just a brief walk away from their classes, while living in a house might mean using public transport.



Privacy. Apartments provide much more privacy. However, due to the expensive rent, most foreign students choose a shared apartment arrangement anyway.

Fewer Rules. In the dorm, you will have some strict codes of conduct. When you live in a flat, you can come and go as you please, often with fewer restrictions on what you can do within your own space. But please consider that those restrictions in dorms are provided only for your own sake.

If you find the idea of living in an individual apartment is perfect for you, we will provide you with a list of private flat renting agencies. But you should keep in mind, that the flat may be located further than 5 or 10 miles away from the campus, and distance may become a major challenge for you. Moreover, a flat will be more expensive, than on campus accommodation. It is also not so easy task to find a nice flat within a short time. Real estate agency will definitely help you with that, but they will charge you with average service fee (around monthly rent).



Living in a dorm is a good option for those students, who have never been away from home. There will be always someone to handle emergencies or simply give you a hand in any possible situation. Living in dormitory is also cheaper than in the communities surrounding your campus.

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