Why study in Ukraine

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Ukraine is the most educated country in the world — more than half of Ukrainians have a higher education. According to this indicator, such developed countries as the USA, Canada, Israel and Japan are left behind. The share of foreign students is growing every year. So, why both Ukrainians and foreign applicants choose Ukrainian programs?

  • Ukrainian education is more fundamental. This is the only world system that provides broad knowledge, and not a narrow subject preparation. Yesterday’s student acquires special knowledge in the course of work — and makes it more likely and more successful. Most importantly, student will always be able to cope with any task when changing technology, because he\she has a good base.
  • In Ukraine, it is very easy to adapt. The huge multinational country is always glad to its guests. Numerous nations communicate with each other in more than 100 languages and dialects. Representatives of various confessions live peacefully in the Ukraine: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Jews. The Constitution provides freedom of religion. Universities of the country are interested in making their foreign students feel at home, so they have extensive experience in adapting and teaching Ukrainian. An exceptional feature of education in Ukraine is the scale of the country itself, which means you can choose not only a program or a university, but even the climatic zone that is most comfortable for a student.
  • The traditional advantage of the Ukrainian education system is high quality. Knowledge, skills and abilities are formed in a certain system: each element of the educational material is logically connected with the others, the next one builds on the previous one and prepares for learning new things.
  • Ukrainian universities occupy high places in international rankings. They fully adapted to the world format, criteria and features, constantly improving their performance.
  • The cost of paid education is relatively not high. When compared with the United States, Switzerland and the UK, Ukrainian programs differ in more than humane prices. Therefore, you can pay for study without much damage to the family budget and do not have to wait an extra year or choose another profession just because you could not enroll because of the high competition.
  • Ukraine provides enormous resources for self-education. Libraries, public lectures of the Higher School of Economics, open MSU courses and free Internet — use every opportunity to improve your level. Excess knowledge does not happen!
  • In Ukraine, work with youth is well organized. Various associations, cultural events, international exchange programs, employment guarantees, support for young family and social services.

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