Fields of study


We have all courses available at Ukrainian State Universities in local language of Instruction. It is not possible to write all courses details in one email, because of that we are writing here some of the main fields and courses:


  • General Medicine: 6 years
  • Pediatrics: 6 years
  • Dentistry: 5 years
  • Pharmacy: 5 years
  • Public Health: 6 years
  • Nursing: 4 years Bachelor’s Degree
  • Post Graduate Education / Clinical Residency Programs/ Doctorate Programs: 2-3 years


Bachelors: 4 years

Masters: 2 years

Ph.D.: 3 years

Aeronautical Engineering Fields:

  • Airplane and helicopter design technology
  • Aircraft engineering
  • Quality control
  • Automation of technological processes and production
  • Technical maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines
  • Technical maintenance of aviation electrical systems and aircraft navigation systems (bachelor, master)
  • Technology of transport processes
  • Aircraft Equipment
  • Engineering Design and Production of Automatic Machines

Aerospace Fields:

  • Aircraft and rocket engine design
  • Aircraft and Space Rockets Production
  • Aircraft and Air Complexes System Control
  • Aircraft and Air Engine Production, Maintenance and Repair
  • Aircraft Engines and Power Plants
  • Aircraft Engines and Power Systems Engineering
  • Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Technology
  • Design and Construction of Aircraft Engines and Power Systems
  • Power engineering
  • Heat Engineering
  • Aerospace Heat Machinery
  • Aircraft, Air Engines and Helicopters Exploration and Repair
  • Design and technological support of machinery production

Space Engineering Fields:

  • Design, production and maintenance of rockets and space complexes
  • Rocket complexes and astronautics
  • Mechanics and mathematical modeling
  • Applied mechanics
  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Space Technology
  • Space Rocket Power Plants
  • Space Vehicle Design and Manufacturing

Air Traffic Control:

Technical Exploitation of Ground-based Electronic Support of Flights and Aeronautical Telecommunications; Aircraft and Air Engine Technical Maintenance; Air Navigation systems; Management of the Air Space Use; Mathematical Software of Transport Control Systems; Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Organization; Organization of Technical Exploitation of Automated Air Traffic Control Systems; Flight Radio Maintenance Organization; Flight Electronic and Illumination Equipment Maintenance Organization; Air Transportation Organization and Management; Air Traffic Organization; Airport Management; Air Security of Technological Process and Manufacturing; Human Resources Management; Air Security Provision; Law; Air Transportation Organization and Management in an Integrated Transport System; Financial Management; Production Management; Transport Service Organization; Advertising and Public Relations, International Navigation and Control Systems for Motion Objects, Flying Operations, Civil Aviation and Customs Affairs, Airport Technology and Equipment.

Industrial Engineering Fields:

  • Metallurgy
  • Machinery design
  • Nanoengineering
  • Machine Engineering
  • Composite and Powder Materials, Coatings
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Fields:

  • Radio electronic systems and complexes
  • Laser equipment and technologies
  • Biotechnical systems and technologies
  • Electronics and nanoelectronics
  • Radioengineering
  • Design and technology of electronic instrumentation
  • Applied mathematics and physics
  • Construction and Technological Support in Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Science and Material Technologies
  • Gas Dynamics and Impulse Facilities
  • Gas Turbine Plants and Compressor Stations

Computer Science in Aviation Fields:

  • Information security of automated systems
  • Fundamental informatics and information technologies
  • Applied mathematics and informatics
  • Applied mathematics and physics
  • Informatics and computer science
  • Machine Engineering Technology of Computer-aided Production
  • Technological Quality Assurance of Computer-aided Production

Economics and Management in Aviation Field:

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Business informatics
  • Publishing
  • Printing and packaging production technology
  • Technology of Pulp and Paper Production


Bachelors: 4 years

Masters: 2 years

Ph.D.: 3 years

Computer Engineering Fields:

Computer System & Network; Computer Engineering; Programs Engineering; Hardware & Software Engineering; Automatics and Computer Engineering; Computers, Computer Systems and Networks; Information Measurement Technics; Mathematical Modelling; Applied Mathematics; Control Engineering and Applied Informatics; Electrical Engineering and Introscopy; Electrophysics of Information Systems; Naval Information Systems of Automation, Control and Navigation; Instrumentation Engineering; Computer and Intelligent Systems and Network Operation; Intelligent Systems; Specialized Computer Systems; Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Production

Information Technology And Biotech Fields:

Applied Information Technology in Economics; Arrangement of Systems, Networks and Telecommunications; Automated Information Processing; Automated Systems Software; Automatic Control and Systems Engineering; Automation of Technology Processes and Production; Data Security in Computerized Systems and Networks; Information Systems & Technologies; Information Technology & Communications; Computer Technologies in Mechatronics and Robototechnics, Document Processing and Information Activities; Flexible Computerized Systems and Robotics; Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies; Info-communicational Technologies and Processing Systems; Informatics and Manual Training (Technical Service Training); Information and Analytical Systems of Security; Information Protection; Information Security; Information System and Technology; Information Systems and Technologies; Mathematical Modelling; Numerical Computing and Program Systems; Parallel Programming; Social Informatics; Sound Control Technologies; Administrating and Data Processing; System Analysis and Control; System Programming; Technical Systems; Technology Systems Management; Teraflops Computer; Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science; Unauthorized Computer Access Prevention Systems; Information and Communication Technology; Telecommunication; Applied Telecommunication Systems; Textile Technology and Design; Knitting Technology and Design.


Bachelors: 4 years

Masters: 2 years

Ph.D.: 3 years


Environmental engineering; Electrical Power Engineering and Equipment; Environmental Engineering and Water Usage; Industrial Thermal Power Engineering; Integrated Employment and Reservation of Water Resources; Hydraulics and Water Resources; Engineering Geology and Geoecology, Architecture engineering, Road Construction Engineering Railway engineering, Industrial engineering; Sound engineering; Industrial Heat Engineering;

Machinery and Mechanics/ Mechatronics Fields:

Mechanical engineering; Mechatronics; Machine Building Technology; Mechanical Equipment; Machine Parts and Theory of Mechanisms and Machines; Dynamics and Strength of Machines; Assembling and Maintenance of Devices and Systems of Technological Production; Occupational Safety in Machine Building; Motor Vehicles and Engines Maintenance and Repair; Chemical, Petrochemical and Gas Processing Equipment Maintenance and Repair; Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Machines; Machine Design Bases; Steam Generators Construction; Theoretical Mechanics; Metal Technology; Engineering Drawing; Automobiles and Engines Maintenance and Repair; Automobiles and Motorcars Industry Enterprises; Compressors; Pneumatic Units and Vacuum Techniques; Computer Technologies in Machine Building; Hoisting and Conveying Machines; Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines; Instruments of Fine Mechanics; Metal Cutting Machines and Tools; Metallurgical Equipment; Packaging Machinery and Packaging Technology; Engineering Design and Reliability of Machine Industry Equipment; Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Steel and High-strength Low-alloy Steel; Technological Quality Assurance for Machine Engineering Products; Composite and Powder Materials; Coatings; Hybrid Technologies in Welding Production; Surface Properties Modification of Constructional Metal Materials Using Highly-concentrated Energy Sources; Engineering Material Science; Applied Mechanics; Material Science and Material Technologies; Technological Machines and Equipment High-Performance Computational Technologies in Mechanics; Solid Mechanics; High-Performance Computational Technologies in Mechanics; Solid Mechanics; Computer Biomechanics.

Civil Engineering:

Industrial and Civil Engineering; Examination and Management of Real Estate; Planning of Buildings and Constructions, Urban Cadaster; Real Estate Cadaster; Geodesy; Remote Sensing; Journalism as a Sphere of Information Mass Activities; Journalism in the Technological Sphere; Construction of High-rise and Wide-span Buildings and Constructions; Construction of Underground Works; Standardization and Metrology; Quality Management in Engineering; Hydroengineering Construction;  Urban Development and Services, Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation, Water Supply and Water Disposal.

Electrical Engineering:

Automation and Telemechanic; Technical Systems Management; Distributed Computer-aided Information Management Systems; Failure-resistant Management Systems; Automation and Control in Technical Systems; Automation Microprocessors; Management in Technical Systems; System Analysis and Control; Automation of Technical Processes and Production; Constructional Design and Technologies in Electrical Engineering; Technology and Control in Cable Production; Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics; Information Technologies and Computer-Aided Systems; Automation of Business Processes and Financial Management; Electric Power Generation Systems; Electrical Energy Consumption Systems; Electrical Machines and Equipment; Electrical Systems and Complexes of Transport Vehicles; Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electrical Drive; Electromechanical Equipment of Energy Consuming Enterprises; Electromechanics; Electronic and Information Control Systems; Electronic Devices and Systems; Electronic Systems and Networks; Production and Technical Service of Electronic Equipment; Equipment for Light Industry and Services; Equipment for Oil and Gas Output; Equipment for Chemical Engineering and Building Materials; Equipment for Pharmaceutical and Microbiological Industry; Hydrotechnical Engineering; Radio Electronic Systems and Complexes — Exploitation and Repair; Electric Power Supply; Electric Drive and Automation; Electrical Power Industry; Automated Electrical Drive; Automated Electrical Technology Installations and Systems; Physics and Technologies of Electrical Materials and Components; Electrical and Electronic Equipment; Electrical Transport; Electromechanics; Enterprise Industrial Electrical Supply; Electric Power Plants;

Heat Power Engineering:

Heat Power Engineering; Power Supply of enterprises; Economics and Management in Heat Power Engineering Companies; Heat Power Engineering and Heat Technology; Automated Control Systems for Thermal Processes; Nuclear Power Plants; Engineering Thermophysics; Boiler Installations and Energetic Ecology; Low Temperature Physics; General Physics and Nuclear Fusion; Thermal Power Plants; Water and Fuel Technologies; Industrial Heat Engineering Systems; High-Temperature Technology; Economics of Industry and Enterprise Management; Heat-and-Mass Transfer Processes and Installations; Chemistry and Electrochemical Energy; Scientific and Technological Innovations in Energy Saving Technologies; Research and Development Lab of World Energy Issues, Geothermal Energy; Steam and Gas Turbines, Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources.

Chemical Engineering:

Automation and Management of Chemical Engineering Processes and Productions; Chemical Technologies of Fuel and Carbon Materials; Ecobiotechnology; Industrial Biotechnology and Bioengineering; Machines and Apparatus of Industrial Processes; Technology of Inorganic Substances; Design and Manufacture of Composite Articles.

Railway Engineering:

Railway Track Engineering and Construction, Railway Operations Management, Railway Industry Equipment, Special Railway Machinery, Railway Construction Equipment and Machinery.


Petroleum Engineering; Open-pit Mining; Underground Mining; Mine Construction and Underground Construction; Design and Construction of Oil and Gas Extraction Complexes; Mining Machinery and Equipment; Environment Protection and Nature Management; Applied Geology and Mining; Nature Management and Land Cadastre; Geography; Geoecology and Life Safety; Landscape Planning; Physical Geography and Landscape; Cartography and Geoinformatics; Geography and Environmental Education; Biogeography; Landscape Geochemistry; Soil Geography; Ecology and Nature Management; Prospecting and Exploration of Groundwater and Geological Engineering; Mining and Oil-field Geology; Geophysics; Engineering and Mining Surveyors; Geomechanics; Destruction of Rocks; Geodesy; Miner Aerogasdynamics and Mountain Thermophysics; Land Monitoring; Geochemistry and Mineralogy; Mine Surveying; Electrification and Automation of Mining Companies; Exploitation of Mineral Deposits; Mine Surveying, Geodesy and Geoinformation Systems; Mining and Oilfield Machinery; Oil and Gas Geology; Oil and Gas Technologies; Geoinformation Systems and Technology; Safety of Living; Industrial Safety; Prevention of Emergency Situations; Safety System for Transport Operations; Safety Systems in Construction Operations; Safety Systems in Oil and Gas Industry; Mineral Dressing; Mining Machinery; Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields; Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment; Gas and Oil Production; Surface Mining; Underground Mining Technology; Dynamic Geology; Regional Geology; Geological History of Earth; Geology of Russia; Paleontology; Geology and Geochemistry of Natural Resources; Geology and Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels; Lithology and Marine Geology; Geochemistry; Petrology; Mineralogy; Crystallography and Crystallochemistry; Ecological Geology; Geophysical Methods of Earth’s Crust Research; Seismology and Geoacustics; Hydrogeology; Hydrology and Hydrochemistry, Ferrous Metallurgy, Metalworking Equipment and Complexes; Foundry Operations; Welding Engineering Technology and Equipment; Metal Shaping Equipment and Technology; Ferrous Metallurgy; Foundry Equipment; Foundry Methods of Iron and Non-Ferrous Metals Production; Heat Treatment of Metals; Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy; Metal Science and Heat Treatment; Special Metallurgy; Technological and Metallurgical Processes in Welding, Structural and Functional Nanomaterials, Materials Science and Technology of New Materials, Functional Nanomaterials for Medicine.


Bachelors: 4 years

Masters: 2 years

Ph.D.: 3 years


Economic Security; Company Economy; Finance; Finance and Credit; Accounting; Accounting and Audit; Analysis and Audit; World Economy; Accounting, Analysis and Audit; Taxes and Taxation; Economy of Enterprises and Organizations; Real Estate Economy; Economy of Tourism; Economy of Municipal Economics; International Accounting; Economical and Legal Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity; International Investment Activity; Economy of Small and Medium Enterprises; International Business; Tax Advice; Banking; Regional Economy; Banks and Bank Activity; Financial Management; Insurance; Estimated Activity; Corporate Finance; Economics and Management of National Economy; Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit; Accounting, Statistics; Mathematical and Tool Methods in Economy; Agricultural Economics; Economic Studies; Macroeconomic Management and Planning; Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis; Population Studies; Constitutional Economics; Statistics; Innovation Economics; Socioeconomics; Labor and Personnel Economics; Economic Informatics; Market Economy; Accounting Facilities and Systems; Applied Informatics in Economics; Commercial Activity; Economic Statistics; Economics and Entrepreneurship; Economics and Human Resources Management; Economics and Legal Support of Entrepreneurship; Environmental and National Resource Economics; Enterprise Economics and Management; Enterprise Economics and Legal Support of Entrepreneurship; International Economic Relations; Logistics, Commerce, Customs Commodity Research and Expert Examination.


Strategic Management; Marketing; Financial Management; Production Management; Sociology of Management; Social structure and Social Institutions and Procedures; Sociology of Culture; Lifecycle Management of Information Systems; Innovative Project Management; State and Public Service; Project Management; Human Resource Management; Expertise and Analysis in the Sphere of Public Audit; Enterprise Management; Economics and Anti-crisis Management; Management and Quality Control; Company Personnel Management; Risk Management and Insurance; Administrative Management; Theory of Management, Administrative Law, Finance and Process Law; Educational Establishments Management; Energy Consumption Management; Production-Sphere Management; Non-Production Sphere Management; Management of Foreign Economic Activity; Management of Socio-Cultural Activity; Organization Management; Municipal Management; Quality Management; Quality Management (Quality, Standardization and Certification); Real Estate Management and Expertise; Records Management; Show Business Management; Applied and Business Informatics; Business Administration; Public Administration; Innovation Studies; Strategic Management of Technological Innovation; Financial Ratio Analysis; Capital Budgeting and Managerial Solutions; Corporate Social Responsibility; Corporate Finance and Branch Analysis; Corporate Marketing; Leadership; International Technology Market; International Finance Management; Technology Management; Innovations in a Product Design; Business Consolidation Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Organizational Theory and Behavior; Technology Brokering and Breakthrough Innovation in a Product Design; Social Business Management; Innovation Management; Financial Modelling; Consumer Goods Modelling and Design, Hotel and Tourism Management; Advertising; Product Technology and Catering; Trading Business; Commodity Service; Tourism; Organization and Management of Tourist Business; Technology and the Organization of Excursion Services; Hospitality; Hotel Business; Tourism and Hospitality Management; Sports and Recreation Technology; Regional Tourism Development; Goods and Service Expertise; Hotel and Tourist Service Organization; Manual Training (Technical Service Training) and Business Basics; Commodity Science and Commercial Activity; State Service, International Relations, International Information, Theory and Practice of Cross-cultural Communication, Foreign Language in Business.


Bachelors: 4 years

Masters: 2 years

Ph.D.: 3 years

We have all courses available in Russian Language and students who want to study in Russian language then they have to study one-year Preparatory department before starting the required courses.

All required courses are available in Russian language.


Social Pedagogy; Social Psychology; Social Sciences; Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes; Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes; Social Work; Sociology of Culture; Sociology of Management; Sociology of Public Opinion; Sociology of Religion and Culture; Sociology of Youth; Transdisciplinary Research in Social Theory; General Psychology; Psychology of Personality; Social Psychology; Neuroscience and Psychopathology; Psychology of Work and Engineering Psychology; Occupational Psychology; Psychophysiology; Developmental Psychology; Psychology of Education and Pedagogics; Psychological Methodology; Psychogenetics; Extreme Psychology and Psychological Relief; Neuropsychology; Psychology of Labour; Psychology of Professions and Conflict; Cognition and Perception; Clinical Psychology; Behavioral Neuroscience; Cognitive Psychology; Health Psychology; Quantitative Psychology; Applied Psychology; General Population Service; Occupational Rehabilitation; Applied Psychology and Social Pedagogics (Social Management); Practical and Social Psychology (Psychological and Pedagogical Consultation in Rehabilitation Centres); Psychology and Organizational Management; General Psychology and Social Psychology.


Physical Education; Preschool, Primary and Special Education; History and Philology Education; Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Foreign languages; Psychology; Music; Secondary Education: Theory and Methodology; Professional and Pedagogical Culture; Social and Environmental Education; Library and Information Science; Socio-Professional Self-Identity; Instrumental Didactics; Innovating Pedagogy; Informatization of Educational Process; Professional Pedagogy; Library Studies; Education in the Modern World; Spiritual and Moral Education; Supplementary Education for Children; Adult Education; Psychological Safety in Education and Social Interaction; Comparative Education; Pedagogy of Distant Educational Interaction; Pedagogical Anthropology; Education Quality Monitoring; Higher Education; Social Pedagogy and Socio-Educational Work; Preschool Pedagogy; Education through Art; Pedagogy of Health and Physical Culture; Primary Education and Preschool Education; Social Rehabilitation; Pedagogy of Care and Therapy; Pedagogy of Regional Development; Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education; Deaf-and-Dumb Pedagogics; Defectology and Psychology; Elementary Education and Social Pedagogics; Higher School Pedagogy; Library Science.


Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies; Philosophy of Science and Technology; Theology; History of Orthodox Church; Philosophical Anthropology; Philosophy of Culture; Philosophy and History of Religion; Theory and History of Culture; History and Theory of World Culture; Logics; Anthology and Cognitive Theory; Social Philosophy; Philosophy and Methodology of Studies; Ethics; Religion Studies; Aesthetics; History of Russian Philosophy; History of Foreign Philosophy; Philosophy of Humanities; Philosophy of Natural Sciences; Philosophy of Politics and Law; Philosophy of Language and Communication; Philosophy of Education, Theology, Religion.


Applied Linguistics; Baltic Studies; Foreign Philology; Foreign Literature; Byzantine and Neo-Hellenic Studies; Classical Philology; Comparative and Historical Linguistics; Language and Literature (English); Cultural Studies; Discourse and Communication Studies; English and German/French/Italian Languages and Literature; English and Russian (Language and Literature); English Language and Literature (with Profound Knowledge of German and French Languages); English Language and Literature and German Language; English Language and Literature, Second Foreign Language (Modern Greek, German); English Philology; English/Spanish/Hebrew Languages and Literature; Finno-Ugric Linguistics; Foreign Languages and Regional Studies; French Language and Literature; French Linguistics; General and Computational Lexicology; General Linguistics; German Language and Literature; German Language and Literature with Second Foreign Language; Germanic Linguistics; Germanic Philology; History of Russian Literature; History of Russian Literature of the 20th Century; Hungarian Language and Literature; Iberian Romance Linguistics; Language and Literature (Arabian); Language and Literature (English and French); Language and Literature (English); Language and Literature (English) and; Computer Science; Language and Literature (German and English); Language and Literature (German); Language and Literature (Russian and Bulgarian); Language and Literature (Russian and English); Language and Literature (Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese); Language and Literature (Slavonic); Language and Literature (Two Foreign Languages); Language of Mass Media; Literary Creativity; Modern Greek Language and Literature; Modern Greek Language and Literature, Second Foreign Language (English, German); Polish Language and Literature; Romanian Language and Literature; Russian Folklore; Russian Language; Russian Language and Literature; Russian Language and Literature and Applied Psychology; Russian Language and Literature and Bulgarian Language and Literature; Russian Language and Literature and English Language; Russian Language and Literature and English Language and Literature; Russian Language and Literature and Foreign Language; Russian Language and Literature and History; Russian Language and Literature and Social Pedagogics; Russian Language, Literature and Artistic Culture; Russian Language, Literature, Literary Editing and Library Science; Slavic Philology; Slovak Language and Literature; Spanish Language and Literature; Theoretical and Applied Linguistics; Theory of Literature; Theory and History of Literature; Translation and Interpreting (Two Languages); Translation, Language and Literature; Turkish Language and Literature; Fundamental and Applied Linguistics; Language Teaching Technologies; Intelligent Systems in Linguistics; Linguistic Support in International Relations (the specific language pairs: English & German, English & Spanish, English & French, English &Chinese); Translation and Translation Studies; Theory and Practice of Translation; ; Comparative Study of Languages in Lingocultural Communication; Modern Linguodidactics in the Context of Lingocultural Communication, Foreign Language in Business.


International Security; International Organizations and World Political Process; Regional Problems of World Politics; Information Support of Foreign Policy; International Communication; International Relations; International Political Economy; Public and International Affairs; International Organization and Global Governance; International Conflict and Security; Comparative Politics; Political Theory; Foreign Policy and Security; Political Economic and Development; Public Law; Foreign Policy; Political Science; International Organizations and Global Governance; Global Economics and Management of External Economic Activities; Political Analysis Department; Political History Department; Legal Foundations for Public Administration; Regional and Municipal Administration; Management Sociology; Strategic Communications; Strategic Planning and Economic Policy; Management Theory and Technology; Human Resources Management; Modelling in Management; Economics of Innovation Development.


Botanics; Entomology; Physiology; Biotechnology; Anthropology; Bioengineering; Biological Evolution; Biophysics; Biochemistry; Bioorganic Chemistry; Virology; Higher Nervous Activity; Higher Plants; Genetics; Geobotanics; Hydrobiology; Immunology; Cell Biology; Histology; Zoology; Vertebrate Zoology; Mycology; Algology; Molecular Biology; Plant Physiology; Human and Animal Physiology; Embryology; Entomology; Biology and Chemistry; Biology and Farming; Biology and Ecology; Biology and Geography; Biology and Fundamentals of Ecology; Biology and Physical Education; Biology and Practical Psychology; Garden Ornaments and Horticulture; Biotechnology Equipment and Medical Apparatus and Systems, Ichthyology and Ecology; Aquaculture; Ichthyopathology and Hydrobiology; Soil Science and Agroecology; Applied Ecology; General Ecology; Ecology and Environment Protection; Ecology of Food and Nutrition; Ecology and Food Production; Plastics and Elastomers Recycling Technology; Radioecology; Renewable Energy Sources.


General Chemistry; Polymer Processing Technology; Corrosion Resistance Technology; Colloid Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Forensic Processing of Materials and Substance; Oil Chemistry; Applied Material Studies; Chemistry and Biology; Chemistry, Biology and Fundamentals of Ecology; Technical Electrochemistry; Polymer and Composite Technologies and Processing; Chemical Engineering Process and Equipment; Technology of Cement and Composite Materials; Rational Use of Material and Power Resources; Basic Process in Chemical Industry and Chemical Cybernetics; Теchnology of Glass and Ceramics; Chemical Technology of Refractory Non-metal and Silicate Materials; Power and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Technology; Chemical Fibers Technology; Chemical Technology and Engineering; Chemical Technology and Equipment of Production Finishing; Chemical Technology of Fats and Fat Substitutes; Chemical Technology of Fuel and Carbonic Materials; Chemical Technology of High-Molecular Compounds; Chemical Technology of Inorganic Matter; Chemical Technology of Liquid Scattered Elements; Chemical Technology of Organic Matter; Chemical Technology of Pharmaceutical Preparations; Chemical Technology of Refractory Non-Metallic Materials and Silicate Minerals; Chemical Technology of Wood Working and Plant Raw Materials; Production of Organic Matter; Polymer Processing Technology; Polymer Technology.


Condensed Matter Physics; Theoretical and Mathematical Physics; Computational Physics; Medical Physics; Physics of Nanomaterials ; Theory of Materials; Theoretical and Mathematical Physics; Stellar and Galactic Astronomy; Solar System Astronomy; Astronomy Laboratory; Computer-based Astronomy Laboratory; Cryogenic Engineering and Technologies; Experimental Nuclear Physics and Plasma Physics; Conceptual Physics; Conceptual Physics: Optics; University Physics; Physics for Engineers and Scientists; College Physics; Introduction to Scientific Computing; Instrumental and Data Analysis for Physics; Special Problems in Physics; Introduction to Quantum Mechanics; Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics; Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology; Quantum Physics; Introduction to Modern Physics; Mechanics; Thermal Physics; Electromagnetism; Advanced Physics Laboratory; Fluid Physics; Independent Research in Physics; High Voltage Engineering and Electrophysics; Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics; Internal Combustion Engine; Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering; Physics and Fundamentals of Computer Science; Physics and Fundamentals of Computer Science and Computer Technology; Physics and Motor Vehicle Studies; Physics and Chemistry; Physics and Mathematics; Physics and Informatics; Physics of the Solid State; Physics of Particles and Nuclei; Physics, Information Technology, Astronomy; Thermal Physics, Applied Physics; Materials and Technology in Fiber Optics; Photonics and Optical Informatics; Motion Control Systems and Navigation.


Rational Nature Management; Oceanology; Socio-economic Geography of Russia; Cartography and Geoinformatics; Biogeography; Geomorphology and Paleogeography; Geography of the World Economy; Landscape Geochemistry and Soil Geography; Cryolithology and Glaciology; Meteorology and Climatology; Socio-Economical Geography of Foreign Countries; Land Hydrology; Physical Geography and Landscape Studies; Physical World Geography and Geoecology; Recreational Geography and Tourism; Renewable Energy Sources; Geoecology of North; Comprehensive Cartography; Recent Mineral Deposits and Pleistocene Paleogeography; Mudslides, Avalanches and Landslides; Soil Erosion and River Bed Evolution; Cartography and Land Utilization; Geography and Biology; Geography and Ecology; Geography and Economics; Geography and Foreign Language; Geography and Fundamentals of Economics, Country Studies.


Higher Mathematics; Mathematical Methods in Economic Processes Management; Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis; Mathematical Modelling of Systems and Processes; Information Technology in Production Systems Management, Computational Mathematics.


Food Products Technology; Food and Refrigerating Machinery; Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts; Food Biotechnology; Food Products of Plant Origin; Food Products of Animal Origin; Technology of Catering; Technology of Polygraphy and Packaging Production; Merchandizing; Food Products Quality Control; Food Chemistry; Chemistry of Taste, Color and Flavour; Chemical Processing of Natural Raw Materials; Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Monitoring; Modern Methods of Raw Materials and Biotechnological Products Research; Biologically Active Organic Compounds of Plant Origin; Physical and Chemical Analysis; Technochemical Food Quality Control; Microbiological Methods in Food Production; Optical Methods of Analysis; Chromatographic Methods of Food Products Analysis; Computer and Mathematical Modeling of Food Production Technological Processes; Quality Examination and Detection of Food Adulteration; Bread Production, Confectionary and Pasta Technology; Food Industry Equipment and Machinery; Food Technology; Food Engineering; Refrigerating Machines and Units; Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology; Fruit and Vegetable Storage Technology; Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Technology; Meat Storage Technology; Meat Preservation Technology; Milk and Dairy Product Technology; Fat Replacers Production Technology; Fermentation Technology and Wine Making; Fish and Seafood Storage and Processing Technology; Grain Storage and Processing Technology; Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology.


Applied Ocean Technology; Aquaculture and Seafood Development; Fisheries Ecosystems Research; Marine Simulation Centre; Sustainable Aquatic Resources; Marine Services; Safety and Emergency Response; School of Fisheries; Maritime Studies; Ocean Technology; Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering; Ocean Engineering; System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure; Hydrotechnical Engineering; Port Facilities and Electrical Engineering; Fleet Operation and Maintenance; Ship Heat Power Engineering; Ship Power Plants Engineering; Theoretical Mechanics; Technology of Materials and Ship Repair; Life Safety at Sea; Marine Electronics and Control Systems; Automated Control of Technological Processes; Automation of Ship Diesel and Gas Turbine Plants; Theory of Automatic Control and Computing; Automated Control of Ship Power Plants; Operation of Ship Electric Equipment and Automatics; Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Systems; Ship Refrigerating and Auxiliary Plants and Systems and their Operation; Ship Electrical Power System Optimal Operation; Maritime and Inland Waterway Navigation; Sea Navigation; Maintenance of Transport Radio Equipment; Technology of Transport Processes; Shipbuilding; Maritime Radio Communication; Foundations of Radio Engineering; Maritime Law; Management and Economics on the Maritime Transport; Economic Theory and Business Undertakings on a Marine Transport; Materials Technology and Measurement Science; Refrigeration, Cryogenic Technology and Life Support Systems; Commercial Fishery; Fishery and Aquaculture; Marine Power Plants and Equipment; Ships and Ocean Technology.


Forest Industry; Forest Engineering; Forestry and Aesthetic Forestry; Landscape Architecture and Establishment of Gardens and Parks; Landscape Planning; Landscape Objects, Building and Service; Decorative Gardening; Machines and Equipment of Forest Complexes; Service and Technical Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Facilities for Chemical and Forest Complexes; Rational Exploitation, Conservation and Regeneration of Forest Resources and Environment; Development of Rational Forest Use Technology; Woodworking Technology; Chemical Wood Conversion Technology; Automation of Technological Processes and Industries, Machines and Equipment; Forest Traffic; Technology and Machinery of Forest Harvesting; Woodworking Enterprises; Standardization, Certification and Commodity Research; Forest Engineering Technology; Forest Science; Biological Forest Protection; Forest Pathology Monitoring and Forecast; Forest Protection Against Invasive and Quarantine Organisms; Ecology, Soil Science and Nature Management; Botany and Dendrology; Forest Selection, Non-Wood Products and Biotechnology; Forest Inventory and Forest Management; Forest Species and Forestry Mechanization; Siviculture and Forest Treatment; Forest Regeneration and Seed Production; Forest Radiation Ecology; Forestry Economics; Forest Planning; Hunting Management.


Traffic Management and Road Safety; Investigation and Assessment of Road Accidents; Hoist Transport, Construction, Road Machines and Equipment; Machines and Equipment for Land Management and Environmental Protection; Maintenance of Transportation Technology Machines and Units; Motor Vehicle Maintenance; Maintenance of Transportation Technology Machines and Equipment (Construction, Road and Municipal Machines); Automobile Roads and Aerodromes; Construction and Exploration of Aerodrome and Works; Terrestrial Transportation-technological Complexes; Maintenance of Transport-technological Machines and Complexes; Construction of Highways, Airfields and Special Works; Terrestrial Transportation-technological Facilities; Automation of Transport; Transport Management; Transport Systems; Transport Technology.


Clothing Technology and Design; Introduction to Textile Technology; Yarn Production and Properties; Formation and Structure of Textile Fabrics; Introduction to Nonwoven Products and Processes; Performance Evaluation of Textile Materials; Knitted Fabric Technology; Woven Products and Processes; Woven Textile Design; Knitted Textile Design; Management and Control of Textile and Apparel Systems; Textile Technology Senior Design; Advanced Nonwovens Processing; Bonding Fundamentals in Nonwovens; Characterization Methods in Nonwovens; Nonwoven Product Development; Textured Yarn Production and Properties; Quality Management and Control in Textile Manufacturing; Advanced Woven Fabric Design; Jacquard Woven Fabric Design; Operations Management Decisions for Textiles; Design and Technology of Technical Textiles; Textile Computer Integrated Enterprise; Supply Chain Management in the Textile Industry; Textile Senior Project; Footwear, Haberdashery, Leather Goods Production; Garment and Leather Goods; Labour Training in Needlework; Labour Training in Cloth Modeling and Design; Leather and Fur Technology; Production Design (Clothes Technology) and Fundamentals of Information Technology; Natural Fiber Technology.


Publishing Activities; Socio-cultural Activities; Management of Socio-cultural Activities; Information Activities; Information Activities Management; Information Supply; Information and Analytical Activities; Musicology and Applied Music; Music Pedagogy; Stage Music; Stage Orchestra Musical Instruments; Stage Jazz Vocal; Folk Vocal; Folk Choral Singing; Artistic Culture and Library Science; Opera and Symphony Orchestra Conducting; Music Art and Choreography; String Section of Orchestra; Woodwind Section and Percussion Section of Orchestra; Choreography; Ballroom Dances; Ballet Choreography; Choreography and Artistic Culture; Theatre Performance Direction; Acting; Directing; Film Production Management; Variety Show; Directing Amateur Dance Troupe; Directing Film Art Studio; Directing Amateur Theatre ; Folklore Studies; Directing and Producing Cultural Leisure Activities; Stage Design and Technology; Stage Technician; Folk Art; Direction of Applied Art Studio; Graphic Design; Industrial Design; Costume Design; Interior Design; Fundamentals of Design; Art Studies and Cross-cultural Communication; Art and Humanities; Fine Art and Architecture; Folk and Fine Art; Theory and History of Folk Art; Museology, Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage; Theory and History of Art; Art Painting; Technical Aesthetics and Design; Drawing, Painting and Sculpture; Musical Instruments Art; Piano; String Instruments (Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass); Woodwind and Percussion Instruments (Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Tuba, Trombone, Percussion); Plucked String Instruments (Guitar, Domra, Balalaika, Gusli), Bayan, Accordion; Singing; Academic Singing; Conducting; Choral Conducting; Choral Singing; Art of the Ancient World; Modern Problems in Theory of Art Theory and Method in the Study of Art; Myth and Culture; Signs and Symbols in Art; Oriental Art; Architectural Semiotics; Artistic Culture; Art of Cinema and Television (Cinematology); Artistic Photography and Photographic Production; Artistic Culture and Library Science; Decorative and Applied Arts; Fine Art Studies; Sculpture; Fine Art and Artistic Culture; Ethics and Aesthetics; Museum Studies, Protection of Cultural Monuments, Natural Rarities; Photographic Materials and Polygraphic Materials; Photogrammetry; Photo Art Studio; Art Restoration; Arts, Social and Cultural Activities; Theatre Management; Cinema Engineering; Audio Engineering; Video Engineering.


Fitness Technology; Professional Sports; Olympic Sports; Basketball; Weightlifting; Sailing and Rowing; Wrestling; Football; Gymnastics and Calisthenics; Powerlifting; Swimming; Track and Field Athletics; Tennis; Volleyball; Presubscription Military Training.


Agronomy; Fodder Production and Grass Farming; Vegetable Breeding; Production Technology and Agro-processing Technology; Plant Protection; Vegetable Breeding and Viticulture; Fruit, Vegetable and Grape Growing; Animal Agriculture; Zoological Engineering; Agrochemistry and Soil Science; Agrochemistry of Landscapes; Agroecology; Agrometeorology; Land Organization and Cadastre; Organization of Land Use ; Agroengineering; Automobiles and Transport Economics; Mechanization of Agriculture; Mechanization of Agro-processing; Transportation Technology in Agro-industrial Complex; Transport, Machinery and Equipment Service; Agricultural Machinery; Agricultural Engineering; Energy Supply Technologies and Equipment in Agriculture; Electrification and Automation of Agriculture; Enterprise Energy Supply Service; Engineering; Industrial and Civil Engineering; Safety of Technological Processes and Production; Accounting and Audit in Agriculture; Agricultural Management; Genetics and Selection of Agricultural Crops; Hydro Irrigation Systems; Mechanization of Agricultural Products Processing and Storage; Agrochemistry; Agroinformatics; Soil Biology; Soil Geography; Land Resources; General Agriculture; General Soil Science; Radioecology and Ecotoxicology; Soil Chemistry; Soil Erosion; Soil Melioration and Soil Physics.

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