Campus Accommodation

Our universities provide housing on campus in modern residence halls. All students (international students, preparatory course students, full-time students, interns, Master’s degree students, resident physicians, post-graduate students) have the opportunity to live in convenient dormitories during their study in Ukraine.


Among all great reasons to stay in a dorm, you can find the following ones:

  • New Acquaintances

Here you will definitely meet lots of new interesting people. You will enrich your life with new friends simply by living among other students from different countries.

  • Language Immersion

Living in dormitory among native speakers is the best way for foreign citizens to learn Ukrainian language in short terms. You will learn from your dorm neighbors a lot of essential words and phrases, get skills of professional and everyday speech.

  • Social Adaptation

Studying abroad is exciting experience for every student. However, during the first period of living in foreign country you may feel a bit uncomfortable staying far away from your parents and friends, and it will take some time to get used to the new environment and culture. It will be definitely easier to adjust to the new conditions with a help of your new friends from your residence halls. You can spend much time with them studying together and having fun after classes.

  • Security Issue

Ukrainian universities put maximum effort into maintaining the safety and security of students’ accommodations. Living off campus, unfortunately, cannot offer the same level of security.

  • Convenient Location

All dorms are located on or very close to campus. You do not have to worry about transportation when you live on campus, and you will easily be able to get to class on time. It is also convenient to reach the library, recreation center, and computer labs, which are located on campus.

  • Affordable Accommodation

It is always cheaper to live in a student residence hall rather than to rent an individual apartment. It will still cost not that much even if you decide to occupy the whole room in a dormitory, without a roommate.

Our dormitories provide all required basic services and amenities: there is a fridge for each room, shower room, a kitchen on each floor equipped with ovens and microwaves, laundry room with washing machines, community rooms with TV, and gym. Internet access is provided in all rooms within the dorm buildings.

In your room, you will find all the necessary furniture for comfortable living:

— bed with mattress, pillow, and blanket;

— wardrobe;

— desk;

— chair;

— book shelves, etc.

Rooms can be booked only by those students who have received the Letter of Admission.

Those foreign citizens, who prefer to live outside the campus, will be provided with a list of private flat renting agencies.

Admission process


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