Living in Ukraine


Ukraine is a beautiful country and the largest county in Europe at 603,628 square kilometres, stretching from Russia in the East to Poland in the West, and sandwiched between the Black Sea in the South and Belarus in the North. Location of Ukraine allows you to travel around Europe without any problems in time free from studying.
Ukrainian Educational Group would be glad to help you with the choice of the University, which would be the most suitable for you in the city you like. We also understand your worries about coming to another country with other traditions and climate, about all the questions you may have. That is why we take care about you and will assist you with all issues you face upon arrival and first time of your staying here.
To know more about Ukraine and it’s peculiarities have a look at the main points about this wonderful country.



Transportation system in Ukraine is very developed and involves various means of transportation.
City transportation includes buses, trolley buses, trams and subway and is the cheapest way to travel within cities. The cost of the ticket varies from 5 to 10 UAH (0.25-0,5 USD). Another very convenient and fast way of traveling is done by taxi van. These taxi vans not only travel within a certain town/city, but they also operate intercity routes. The cost starts from 25 UAH (1 USD).  Train is a very popular way to travel within Ukraine for it to reach a final destination on time or with minimum delay. The cost of the ticket starts from 50 UAH (2 USD). Ukrainian trains are equipped with the wagons of 3 types: 1st class cabins, 2nd class (coupe) and 3rd class, (platzkart) that offers the lowest ticket’s price. The quality of services in such wagons depends on trains and destinations, yet the best solution is to take an express train providing good quality and services and traveling at high speed.
Moreover, Ukrainian international railway links connect Kyiv to many CIS and European countries. Thus, there are trains operating to Warsaw (Poland), Moscow (Russia), St.Petersburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Berlin (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech), Vienna (Austria), etc.


Ukraine has a big variety of religions but most people adhere to Christianity (approximately 75 % of people). Catholicism is also one of the major religions in Ukraine (23 %). Besides, there are also such confessions as Protestantism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Adventism on the territory of Ukraine. As Ukraine is a very humanistic country, everyone respects religious preferences of each other.


The climate of Ukraine can be described as dry and continental influenced climate, note that due to it the cold is not felt. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures usually around 0°C. Heavy snowfall or even snowstorms are also possible on some days. You need warm clothes for these months such as: sweaters, trousers, boots, jackets and so on. There are more than 290 sunny days in the year. From May to September the daytime temperatures reach 25-35°C. You will need light clothes such as shirts, T-shirts, dresses, shorts.


Ukraine possesses a wealth of cultural talent and a considerable cultural legacy. Numerous writers have contributed to the country’s rich literary history. Impressive monuments of architecture and museums displaying works by generations of Ukrainian artists can be found throughout the country, and art galleries featuring contemporary Ukrainian artists have become commonplace in larger urban centres. The country’s strong tradition of folk art also continues to this day. In addition, high-calibre performing artists and ensembles appear regularly in Ukraine’s numerous theatres and concert halls. Studying in Ukraine you have a great opportunity to visit different plays in the theatres, exhibitions in galleries, instrumental music in philharmonic society, concerts of world stars and other.


As in any country, there are many activities in Ukraine that visitors can enjoy. These cater to both mild and wild tastes and the more you look, the more you will find. Regarding sport, the very popular activity in Ukraine is cycling. People may also want to explore the possibilities of scuba diving, horse riding, skiing, carting, yachting, swimming and sunbathing. In winter you can go sledging, skiing or skating. In case you like visiting different concerts, exhibitions, festivals or cinemas, you are welcome to do it in any Ukrainian city. No doubt, that you will find the activity to your liking.


Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe and is rather safe for living and studying. There is a very low percent of crime, everyone can feel comfortable here. But while walking along the streets you can come across local police, who can ask for your documents. Such measures are provided by the government for more safety. So it would be best for you to have the following documents with you: Passport, immigration card and student ID card with you. The safety within Campus is guaranteed, as the Hostels are equipped with cameras and secure system, so you have no reasons to be worried about your personal things.

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