Our students

Our international students are very satisfied with the services of Study in Ukraine limited and with the level of education at the universities. Moreover, they take an active part in the life of the university. Ukrainian together with the foreign students perform in concerts, festivals, sport events, organize students’ parties, participate in contests. All this gives international students a great opportunity to make friends all around the world, to learn the cultural of a new country, provides them with the skills necessary for their future professional career in the globalizing world.

oour students 2
our students2

The Faculty for International Students of each university actively participates in the activities of the international students and works in close cooperation with various organizations and governing bodies in the framework of international students support programmes. All foreign students who are interested in learning more about the country and its people, customs and life should visit museums, exhibitions, concerts, drama theatres, meetings and evenings of international friendship with students of high schools and colleges. This promotes adaptation of the foreign students. Having overcome the significant period of the adaptation process, students are able to appreciate other sights of their Ukrainian life. Any problems encountered by the students can be easily resolved with the support of a special psychological service for foreign students coming to study in Ukraine.

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