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About The Cherkasy State Technological University
History Cherkasy State Technological University started in 1960 with general engineering departments Cherkasy Kiev Technological Institute of Food Industry (Order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Ukrainian SSR at number 84 on March 11, 1960).
During the years of Cherkasy State Technological University establishment, Cherkasy State Technological University through powerful personnel and experience of educational, scientific and educational work has become a leading research and teaching center for training of highly qualified personnel in the near region.


Cherkasy State Technological develops relationships with USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova, Greece, Slovakia, Armenia, China, Georgia, Belarus, Czech Republic and others.

The main directions of cooperation of higher educational institution and organizations:

  • exchange program for students, internship of postgraduate students and teachers;
  • Implementation and organization of joint training courses and programs;
  • Organization of joint scientific conferences and meetings;
  • Participation in international educational and research programs;
  • Joint scientific and research activity for directions:
  1. New technologies and equipment of machine-building and food industries,
  2. Ozone technologies and environmental complexes,
  3. Economics, management, marketing,
  4. Information technologies and information security,
  5. Linguistics, tourism and hotel business, design,
  6. multidisciplinary preparation of foreign students.

Faculties & Departments

Cherkasy State Technological University has 8 faculties, 46 departments, among them 31 graduate department. At the university study 8 thousand students for 38 specialties and 26 directions of training. The educational process is provided by over 500 scientific and pedagogical workers, among them 54 Professors, Doctors of Sciences, 240 Candidates of Science, Docents, 4 Honoured Workers of Education, 4 Honored Worker of Science and Technique, 2 Honoured Artists of Ukraine.

Cherkasy State Technological University has 12 scientific schools which are headed by the leading scientists, postgraduate studies in 13 specialties, employs Specialized Academic Council on Candidate’s dissertation defense for three technical specialties and a Specialized Academic Council on thesis work defense for obtaining of a scientific degree of the Doctor of Economic Sciences. Annually at the University is defended about 5 Doctoral and 50 Candidate’s dissertations.

Below is more information about each faculty of Cherkasy State Technological University:

Building Department

Training was due to the specific needs of the region. This problem is solved by a system of mastering knowledge, skills formation, professional, philosophical, civic skills from the perspectives of society, science, engineering and advanced technology.

  • Industrial and civil construction
  • Chemical technology and water purification
  • Ecology
  • Surveying, land planning and building structures
  • Life safety
  • General ecology, education and psychology.

 Faculty of computer engineering technology and design

The Department was established in 1984 on the basis of full evening faculty. Then he called the mechanical department. January 20, 1989 Faculty of Engineering was reorganized into the instrument and with daytime and evening learning.

The faculty of Transport of Cherkasy State Technological University has following specialties:

  • Technology and equipment engineering industries
  • Food production and design of a new generation of machines
  • Mechanics, printing machines and technologies
  • Energy technologies
  • Car and technology exploitation
  • Design
  • Fundamental and applied materials science disciplines 

Department of Electronic Technology and Robotics

To ensure highly qualified industry Cherkassy region in 1981 Cherkassy branch KPI first realized set of students on a specialty » Precision Mechanics » faculty evening. Later, in 1984, started training specialists in » Radio » for an evening learning.

These specialties and became the foundation for the future establishment of the faculty.

The faculty of Transport of Cherkasy State Technological University has following specialties:

  • Department of Radio Engineering, Telecommunication and robotic systems
  • Department of instrumentation, mechatronics and computerized technologies
  • Department of electrical systems 
  • Department of Computer Science, Information Security and Records

Faculty of Food Technology and Service

Faculty of Food Technology and service sector created under the Resolution number 432/01 of 07 September 2015 on the reorganization of structural units pursuant to the decision of the Academic Council protocol №1 from 1-2 September 2015, by renaming the financial and economic department, which was part of Cherkasy State Technological University 1993.

The faculty of Transport of Cherkasy State Technological University has following specialties:

  • Tourism and hotel and restaurant business;
  • Food technology;
  • Physical education and health. 

Faculty of Economics and Management

Establishing higher economic education in Cherkasy region associated with the formation in 1993 of financial and economic faculty of the Department of Economics, organization and management of production then Cherkasy Engineering and Technological University (CHITI). The role of the faculty in the creation belonged Cherkasy regional state administration and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The faculty of Transport of Cherkasy State Technological University has following specialties:

  • Economics and Business
  • Management and business administration
  • Finance
  • Economic Cybernetics and Marketing
  • International economics and business
  • Accounting, analysis of and taxation

Faculty of Information Technologies and Systems

 The Department has 15 specialized laboratories equipped with modern computers, data transmission and other specialized devices and visual aids.

More than 80% of the faculty have doctorate or PhD. The team believes the main task of the Faculty training of students at the present technical level in accordance with the concept of intelligent information systems, training the young generation of IT professionals and forming a sense of pride in ownership to the great ideas of intellectualization of society.

 The faculty of Transport of Cherkasy State Technological University has following specialties:

  • Information technology planning;
  • Information security and computer engineering;
  • Computer Science and Systems Analysis;
  • Software systems;
  • Robotics and specialized computer systems;
  • Statistics and Applied Mathematics.

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities Cherkasy State Technological University — is one of the leading schools of Cherkasy region to provide quality educational services in training highly skilled, highly intellectual professionals able to compete in today’s market conditions.

Faculty graduates are constantly in demand in the labor market, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Educational and Research Center for Foreign Students

 Educational and Research Center for Foreign Students was established in Cherkasy State Technological University the purpose of language and special training foreign students for further studies in the faculties Cherkasy State Technological University or any — any other college Ukraine.
Over 25 years of existence, the center trained 2,415 students from 52 countries around the world, including China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Syria, India, Palestine, Jordan, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Georgia.

Center for Foreign Students at the training Cherkasy State Technological University has the following areas:

  • preparation for entry into universities in Ukraine — 1 year.
  • obtaining educational qualification of a bachelor — 4 years;
  • obtaining educational qualification of Master — 1 — 2 years after graduation degree.

Hostels & Campus

Our Cherkasy State Technological University provides housing for foreigners. The hostel is located in the city center, in an area with good infrastructure. The quality and size of the rooms differ. In rooms live from 2 to 4 people. The bathroom is shared and is divided into several rooms. The hostel will provide you with rooms fully furnished with all necessary furniture. Also in the hostel there are common kitchens, gyms, laundries and security. As for the purchase of food and other things, not far from the hostel there are several supermarkets as well as shopping centers. Also, nearby are the bus stop or the metro station with which you can easily get to anywhere in the city. The entrance to the hostel is based on student passes. A pass will be issued to the student upon arrival at the hostel. Visitors can stay at the hostel from 8:00 to 23:00.

About Cherkasy city

Cherkasy is a city in central Ukraine. It is the capital of Cherkasy Oblast (province), as well as the administrative center of surrounding Cherkasky Raion within the oblast. The city itself is designated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. It is not to be confused with the Russian city of Cherkassy which is on the Don River to the east.

The city is the cultural, educational and industrial center of Cherkasy Oblast and Central Economical Region of Ukraine. Cherkasy has been known since the 13th century and played a great role in the history of Ukraine. Cherkasy was the center of Cossacks, citizens took part in Khmelnychchyna and Koliyivschyna.

The city is located on the right bank of Dnieper River. The city is divided into 2 boroughs (raions): Sosnivskiy (with Orshanets village) and Pridniprovskiy. In June 2011, the city celebrated its 725th anniversary.

Top Attractions in Cherkasy

Rose Valley

Rose Valley, a park for walks, sports, picnics, visits, and other entertainment events.

The Valley of Roses in Cherkasy is a small park near the city center on the banks of the Dnieper. The best view of the «Valley of Roses» comes off Castle Hill, which is close by. It is part of the Hill of Fame memorial complex. There are several fountains here.

White Lotus Temple

 A very unexpected and enchanting place close to the city centre and beaches. This buddhist monastery has a practicing martial arts school. The interior of the monastery is only open on Sundays but the exterior is quite beautiful and worth the short walk from the beach to have a look.

Cherkasy Regional Museum of Local Lore

Mykolayiv Regional Museum of Local History “Staroflotski Barracks” is one of the oldest museums in Ukraine. It was established on 15 December 1913.

The museum’s history begins in 1803 in Mykolaiv. One of the founders of the museum was Admiral de Traverse. For more than 40 years the museum had collected valuable works of the craftsmen from the whole region. Eyewitnesses who visited museum in the early 19th century proved that museum, accept the ancient archaeological sites, has contained minerals, shells, stuffed animals, ethnographic exhibits. Also there were maps, plans of cities, buildings and ship models. The collection was traditional for that time – here the natural artifacts were located near the ancient. In 30 years of 19th century the objects from the museum were transmitted to Odessa, Kherson and Kerch, and only a small part of the exhibits remained in Mykolaiv Region.

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