Nursing is a part of the health care system, including activities to promote public health, prevent diseases, provide psychosocial care and care for people with physical and mental diseases, as well as people with disabilities in all groups. The approach to nursing, the precise definition of its scope, the functions and forms of organization of nursing staff vary in different regions, and depend on the characteristics of the national culture, the level of the health system, the demographic situation and other factors. However, nursing as an important part of the health care system is universal.

Training in the specialty «Nursing» are held in specialized secondary special educational institutions (medical schools, medical colleges) and in universities (bachelor degree). Nurses and paramedics make up the largest category of health workers. They act as medical assistants in medical institutions, perform medical appointments and carry out the nursing process.


By definition of the International Council of Nurses, nursing is an individual and joint care for people of all ages, groups and communities, sick or healthy, and in any condition. Nursing includes the promotion and support of healthy lifestyles, disease prevention and care for the sick, disabled and dying. Promoting a safe environment, research, participation in shaping health policy and managing health systems, and education are also key roles for nurses and nurses.

Typical professional duties of a nurse and nurse are to provide emergency first aid, assisting doctors in performing operations, caring for patients in hospitals and outpatients, performing medical procedures such as injections and measuring blood pressure, issuing drugs to patients, working with medical documentation (prescriptions, certificates , referral to surveys) Some nursing specializations require additional highly specialized training.

Graduates of the specialty «nurse» receive vocational training for the implementation of nursing care, including the provision of medical care, the provision of preventive services, diagnosis and treatment, health promotion, health education.

Graduate «Nursing» can conduct independent activities in the field of medical services — care, counseling, prevention and medical education. The graduate can work in public and private medical institutions.

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