Ternopil National Economic University


Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University
University is a prominent educational, scientific, engineering and cultural center in Western Ukraine region. As of today in region, this is the only comprehensive technical education institution that provides training of specialists of all educational qualification levels. This includes doctors, doctors of philosophy and candidates of sciences, and spans across area that not only includes Ternopil, but also Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky and Rivne regions. There are 4 faculties currently operating at the University: Faculty of Engineering of Machines, Structures and Technologies , Faculty of Applied Information Technologies and ElectricalEngineering , Faculty of Computer Information Systems and Software Engineering , Faculty of Economics and Management . The 34 University departments carry out training of bachelors and masters in 24 programs and 19 majors.

The annual licensed admission number of full-time students amounts to 3088 people.University also incorporates such establishments as Technical Lyceum, Technical College, Husiatin College, and Zboriv College. This adds up to a total of approximately 5000 undergraduates, masters and PD students who are all working towards higher-degree qualifications at the University.Technical and structural asset base of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University consists of 11 educational and research buildings with a total area of almost 60 thousand square meters. There are 6 dormitories, a number of gyms, student cafeterias and buffets, as well as rooms for creative development and art activities. Recently we also put into operation largest in the region sports and health, and social and cultural centers.The University fully implements modern trends in higher education development, satisfies region’s need in highly qualified professionals, and acts as a center of science and culture.

Ternopil Ivan Puliuy National Technical University, according to the UNESCO rating in 2013 was ranked among the top thirty universities among 200 higher educational establishments in Ukraine of IV level of accreditation.  Ternopil Ivan Puliuy National Technical University, is a member of the European Association of Universities, where it represents internationally new educational and scientific technologies with dignity.

As a student of  university you will be able to acquire, along with fundamental knowledge of your chosen profession, a good economic education, master foreign languages, gain practical skills that will help you compete successfully in the international labor market.


Faculties of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Faculty of Engineering of Machines,Structures and Technologies


  • Automobiles Department
  • Building Structures Department
  • Structural Mechanics Department
  • Design of Machine Tools, Instruments and Machines Department
  • Food Technologies Equipment Department
  • Engineering Mechanics and Agricultural Machines Department
  • Manufacturing Engineering Department
  • Welding Technology and Equipment Department
  • Transport Technologies and Mechanics Department
  • Physical Education and Sports Department
  • Food Biotechnology and Chemistry Departmen

Faculty of Applied Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Departments of the Faculty

  • Automation of technological processes and industries
  • Biotechnical systems
  • Higher mathematics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer integrated technologies
  • Instruments and control systems
  • Radio engineering systems


Faculty of Computer Information Systems and Software Engineering

Departments of the Faculty:

  • computer science;
  • computer systems and networks;
  • software engineering;
  • mathematical methods in engineering;
  • computer science and mathematical modeling.


Faculty of Science

Graduate Studies:

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Doctoral degree:
  • Software Engineering

There are two specialized scientific councils for the dissertation protection at the Faculty:

specialized council for the defense of the dissertations for the degree of doctor of               technical sciences, specialty «Mathematical modeling and computational methods»

specialized council for the defense of the dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialties: «Computer systems and components»; «Information Technology»


Faculty of Economics and Management of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Departments of the faculty:

  • Industrial marketing
  • Economic cybernetics
  • Economy and finance
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Management in the production sphere
  • Management of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Psychology in the industrial field,
  • Ukrainian Studies and Philosophy


The Faculty has a specialized council for the defense of theses for the degree of Doctor of Economics, specialty Economics and Management of Enterprises.

The Faculty of Economics and Management publishes the scientific journal «Galician   Economic Bulletin» and has an electronic scientific professional publication «Socio-Economic Problems and the State», which is included in the scientific and information bases: ProQuest LLC (ULRICHSWEB Global Serials Directory), Index Copernicus International S.A. (Poland), DOAJ — Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden), GoogleScholar (USA), BASE — Bielefeld Academic Search Machine (Germany), Global Impact Factor (Australia), Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland), SCIENCE INDEX (RINC) ), where the scientific works of the teaching staff, doctoral students and graduate students are printed.

Initiated and opened by Startup Center under the initiative of the faculty members, in particular the departments of management in the sphere of production and management of innovation activity and entrepreneurship with the assistance of the European Union within the European Tempus SUCSID project «Inter-university Startup center for students’ innovations development promotion». to develop and implement students’ skills in designing and developing their own business.


About the Library of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

In 1961, a faculty library was established on the basis of the library collections of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute and our own acquisitions. The fund numbered 7 thousand volumes, and in 1964 — 14310 copies of books, mostly educational in nature. And this book fund is systematically replenished. At that time, the library was receiving 50 titles for newspapers and magazines.

As a result of the creation of the Ternopil branch of the Ternopil branch of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute on the basis of the STF, the Faculty Library became known as the Library. It funds were constantly replenished in line with the expansion of the branch’s specialization. The fund was replenished not only by academic, but also by scientific and popular science literature. In 1991 a decision was made to rename to the Ternopil Instrument-Making Institute, and the library received the status of the Scientific and Technical Library of the Ternopil Instrument-Making Institute. Based on the renaming in 1997 to Ternopil State Technical University named after I.V. I. Pulyuya our library has become a scientific and technical library.The library’s collections consist of 142,739 copies, including:

  • Educational — 108 324;
  • Methodological — 15 828;
  • Scientific — 10 542;
  • Artistic — 8 045.

The work of our library is closely connected with the departments. Provision of students with educational literature and teaching aids is carried out according to the programs of courses, applications of teachers, price lists. Particular importance is given to providing students with educational literature in the Ukrainian language, but opportunities are limited as technical literature in the Ukrainian language is published in small numbers. Recently, the funds have been replenished with new literature on economic and computer sciences, as well as textbooks in the Ukrainian language in the humanities — history of Ukraine, religion, philosophy, and cultural history.

Library catalogs — alphabetical-reader, alphabetical-service, systematic, alphabetical-subject electronic. The variety of directories contributes to the rapid and complete selection of literature on relevant topics.

One of the new sides of the work is the creation of an electronic library. The entire fund is included in the electronic catalog, which provides search of literature by book title, author’s name, publisher, abstract, author’s code. Thanks to the electronic catalog, the university’s local network and the Internet were able to quickly find the necessary literature, browse the necessary sections, and prepare thematic reviews.

The library has a server based on which the library domain is organized. 10 computers are available for search, serving an average of about 150 users per day. The library maintains: systematic filing of journal articles, university on the pages of newspapers, filing cabinet of laws and decrees of the government, filing cabinet providing educational literature.


Authorised Testing Centre of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

The Ternopil National Technical University Regional Networking Technology Training Center is an authorized certification center for Virtual University Enterprises and offers testing in the information technology, economics and other fields to more than 30 vendor companies.

It was established on April 10, 1997. It is a global Computer-Based Testing service with over 3000 authorized testing centers currently operating in the US, Australia and most European countries. It has partnered with such well-known vending companies as Cisco Systems, Avaya, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Novell, IBM and many others that have developed a certification system to enable IT professionals to demonstrate ownership of a certain amount of knowledge, skills, and skills, and employers to objectively evaluate their professional skills. The international certification system of various companies, especially Cisco Systems and Microsoft is nowadays an extremely important tool for professional growth.


The International Test Center provides a variety of services to its customers. The main one is the opportunity for IT-specialists to perform computer-based testing and confirm their level of knowledge in the field of information technology. The main advantage of the VUE testing system is its responsiveness. Those wishing to register and take the test are offered the opportunity to order an exam and take it on the same day. If successful, the vendor company sends the candidate a certificate confirming the status obtained. Users can send all their questions and comments about the content of the test directly to the vendor. New versions of the tests are updated and distributed simultaneously in all countries of the world and in all testing centers. Certificates obtained from the tests testify to the level of knowledge of specialists in this particular field and are valued around the world as high as certificates of completion of training in authorized training centers. Today, center offers a large number of examinations from more than 30 vendor companies.


Accomodation of Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

Accommodation located of just a short walk from the University campus. You can choose from new modern studios with a bathroom and kitchen, bright and airy bedrooms, all finished to the highest standards.The accommodation , that has just been completed, is at the heart of Ternopil, where students can come together to socialise, relax and make those priceless university memories. It includes a lounge with comfortable chill out areas, large TV, vending machine and ping pong tables. Helping to create the ideal environment for studying, there are shared study spaces with break-out and quiet study areas, so there is  gym facilities and a cinema room is  provided for students.


Ternopil welcomes students

Ternopil is located about 420 km west of Kyiv. The town was founded on trade routes, due to which it quickly grew. Today, it is a major transport hub of Ukraine, where important roads and railroads cross.

The climate of Ternopil is moderately continental, with warm, humid summers and mild winters. The average air temperature ranges from 0 degrees Celsius in January to plus 28 degrees Celsius in July.

The largest reservoir and landmark of the city is Ternopil Pond also called Ternopil Lake, created on the Seret River in 1951. A lot of preserved monuments of architecture, history and culture have features of eclecticism and modernity. The architectural ensembles of the central part of Ternopil with a pedestrian zone give an idea of the original view of the old Ternopil. Ternopil is the center of the region famous for its castles, waterfalls, caverns, and rivers. This is the starting point of rafting routes along the Dniester canyon, tours to Ternopil caverns, to Dzhurynskyi waterfall (the most powerful waterfall in Ukraine, 16 meters high). On the coat of arms of Ternopil you can see the castle of Tarnowski, the founder of the town.

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